Hi, I'm Bo!

I'm just that typical guy who likes to live life one day at a time, or in my terms "one frame at a time". I was raised in the suburbs of Buffalo, New York. A small city with a rich history and a center for the arts (recommend a visit). There I stayed for 12 years. It was there I went through high school, met my best friends, held my first camera, met my first girlfriend, graduated college, and became who I am today. I moved a year after my graduation and am currently pursuing a career in Manhattan.

I love great food and the company of good friends. I also have a thing for tea, whiskey, deep conversations, and traveling. 

So why weddings? Because weddings are awesome that's why! 

I'm lucky enough to witness the weddings of my family members, friends, and colleagues. I've also seen the tears of joy, and the moments that made me stop to hold back my own. Every time I attend a wedding, I become a part of a love story and get inspired by them.  I am truly humbled by the couples who let me become a part in telling their love story.

Thank you for considering me and I hope we can work together.


My Style

Wedding photography goes beyond the perfectly composed moments frozen in time. Have you ever looked at an image that gives you a feeling words simply cannot describe? There's a reason why a picture says more than a thousand words.

My approach to wedding photography is to blend in with the environment and snapping a shot when natural emotion presents itself. 

To me, wedding photography isn't all about capturing every kiss, flower arrangements, and every single guest of your big day. It's about capturing the natural raw emotions, and the mood of the day.

Sure documenting small details help fill in the gaps, but what excites me is the overall story. Every wedding is an unique experience in itself.

It's those in-between moments that give an image a genuine feeling. The way your eyes light up when you gaze upon your significant other for the first time, the way you smile at each other, and the way you hold each other's hands when everyone's looking in your direction. 

That's the magic I strive to capture.  That's love.

That's the same magic that I hope to give you whenever you open your wedding album and re-experience the day.