A Dream

Many people have wondered or still wondering what their purpose is in life. What makes them happy? What's their dream career? These are big questions that aren't exactly easy to answer. I've always struggled with these questions, but since 2014, I've been slowly revealing that answer. My goal and dream is to become a destination wedding photographer in the near future. I will explain why, but first, let's rewind the clock back to September of 2014...

Man in Athens

It was a year of discovery and adventures for me. I had traveled to Greece for the very first time. Those who know me in person would most likely have guessed that I don't usually travel anywhere without a camera. The trip started out with some inconveniences. Mainly due to some mishaps involving a speed boat, rough waves, tight confinement, and lots of barf bags for four long hours; I was left alone to explore Mykonos and Santorini on two separate days as my travel partner was incapacitated from the above events. However, those two days played a vital role in my search to find my calling.

My solo exploration in Mykonos was a bliss. Tourists typically travel there in the summer. I arrived just in time when most of them had left. The streets of the beautiful little town/city would've been fill with tourist during peak season. However, what I got to explore was void of the crowdedness. The sun reflecting off of endless white walls created a bright but diffused light and no one was around to block it. At times it was too difficult to open my eyes fully. I had walked for a couple hours, through small alleyways, to narrow stone roads that leads to small hills. Countless zig zags and turns after, I finally realized I was completely lost. However, every turn felt like the right one. I was at ease, too busy capturing the light illuminated all the architecture. As the saying goes "not all who wanders are lost".

Santorini was not so empty. It was a workout to climb up and down all the winding steps, but I LOVED it! As I was traveling down a long path, I caught up to a couple on their wedding photo shoot. At first I thought nothing of it and carried on. As I climbed higher and higher, I encountered more and more newly weds along the way. I can clearly remember how the light falls on the brides as they walked from the shade into the sun. The way their dresses flowed with the breeze and the way their hair brushed their faces. I remember thinking to myself "Wow, I would love to be that photographer". It was that moment, a little glimmer of light lit up in the back of my head. I didn't realize it then, but it lingered and grew brighter.

Bride on the Path

True is, the path from a graphic designer to a wedding photographer isn't exactly as linear as most would think. It's the little influences along the way that brought me here today. The influences can be something so minuscule or it can be something grand. For me, seeing those brides in Santorini provided the right stimuli for my subconscious. As time passed, this outside stimuli had only grown clearer and clearer.

Ever since I learned to use a camera, my on-going goal has been to improve and refine. Over the years I've done nothing but that. What's kept me going are the people I meet and how they influenced me. As I've always mentioned that every wedding I photograph, I bring home a piece of that big day. Whether it be the beautiful experience, the view, new conversations, or new friends; I know it's something I will cherish for the rest of my life. With every photograph I take, it brings me to a much bigger picture. It's like a jigsaw puzzle, slowly putting together the pieces that would eventually decipher my purpose in life.

Night Fall

So that is my goal, a dream job of mine. Destination Wedding Photographer, it sure has a ring to it! I want to tell love stories from all over the world. It started out with nothing but a mere thought and an idea. People don't realize that small ideas can sometimes take you to new heights. To all my friends out there, never stop following your heart. With all that said, what is your goal or dream? What do you want to achieve in life? Leave a comment below!