Ashlee & Kyle's Wedding

Kyle and I attended the same college together. It's through those years that I really got to know the incredible guy that he is. I remember clearly when him and Ashlee both said that marriage might not be their thing. I doubted them on it then, but now my doubts are proven right and I can't be happier. I'm honored to be a part of his big day and hanging out with him throughout the wedding. It's these transformations in life that inspired me to become a wedding photographer.

I know that a person can change and that Love can change a person. Each wedding is a complete different experience for me that's full of details and stories to be told. There's no better way for me to experience it than being in the middle of it all with just my camera and a few rolls of film. 

Few of my friends and relatives had asked me why I wanted to be a wedding photographer. They're under the impression that it's a high stress career. I didn't agree nor disagree with them. It's because I couldn't really answer them earlier on. Now after this wedding season, I'm finally starting to see the bigger picture. I realized that I've always loved a good story. Even during a ceremony where I have to weave in and out of people's way to get a shot, I was able to find peace. I found myself listening in and taking in every bits and pieces of their body language and emotions. All of those pieces together make the photos much more meaningful to me. A beautiful picture with no story behind it is nothing more than a beautiful picture. 

With every wedding I photograph, I take something from it all. Be it experience, a new friend, or a new story to tell my grandkids in the future. All it matters to me is I got to live in someone's perfect day, and that I can pass on their story. Thank you Ashlee and Kyle for the great day.